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Welcome to PBC!!

Walking into an unfamiliar church can be intimidating. What can I expect to see?

You'll be greeted at the front door by an usher who will open the door for you. Once inside, your temperature will be taken and another usher will help you find a seat (or you can seat yourself). You'll see a congregation consisting of every ethnicity and age group (we're very proud of our diversity at PBC!). Dress code is flexible; coming from work? come as you are. Otherwise, we dress for God. At PBC you'll see the whole mix: from suits and dresses to business casual to work clothes.


We'll start with three or four time-honored hymns that we sing together, the Pastor and deacons will make a few announcements, one of our deacons will read verses from the Bible that introduce the topic of the day's sermon, and then the Pastor will preach on that topic. When the sermon is concluded, a deacon will finish with another prayer. On the way out you'll have the option to say hello to the Pastor - your choice. At some point you would have been given a guest information card to fill out (it's very short), and we'll collect it from you when you leave.

Can I come once just to a get feel for PBC, and see if it's for me?

Of course! You'll find the whole environment very welcoming and inviting. You won't feel self-conscious, and you're free to come back or not - your choice.

My prior Church/religion was not Baptist. Is that okay?

Definitely! Our members come from all religious backgrounds: Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Mormon, Hindu, and so on. We are definitely not a mix of religions - we are Independent Fundamental Baptist Christians - but our membership come from very diverse religious backgrounds. You are definitely welcome here!

What about my children?

Such a good question! Children are a top priority at PBC, and we make them a part of everything we do.

An entire floor of our Church is committed to children and youths. We have a nursery department that takes meticulous care of our infants to pre-schoolers. Our Sunday School classes are separated into appropriate age groups, and our Super Church is a separate Church service geared toward children - we want to help them on their spiritual level. Plus, for the older kids, we are continually having all kinds of youth events: from outdoor activities like camping/hiking/archery, get-togethers, parties, community events, and so on.

We do keep the adult and child services separate at PBC because we know it makes for a much better experience, both for the children and the parents. We know that you may have initial concerns about this, but they won't last long!

Please know that your children are in the very best of care, whether it be nursery, Sunday School, or our Super Church.

I feel a little guilty that I haven't been to church in awhile. 

Most of our members would tell you that they are just like you. Guess what? God loves you, and He wants you back!!

No one at PBC will judge you, because we've all been there. It can be very hard to come back to Church; we feel guilty, or maybe that we don't belong. You'll be very welcome here at PBC!

Can I attend at my own speed? I'm nervous that if I start attending that I may be pressured into attending and participating at a pace that I'm not comfortable with.

We're all afraid of taking a first step toward anything new. Is it too much? Will I regret it? If I change my mind, can I stop? Will I be able to fit it into my schedule - go at my own pace?

Everything starts with a first step. Take that first step, then decide for yourself what your next step(s) will be.

Okay, so what is "Baptist"? What do Baptists believe? And will I be comfortable with it?

Seems like there are so many religions out there, and you always hear something about that religion that makes it sound a little odd or uncomfortable. Is that the same for Baptists? What is the odd part about the Baptist religion that I should know about before deciding to attend the first time?

The wonderful thing about the Independent Baptist Church is that it is not based on religious processes, showmanship, rules, or procedures. It does not put its own "twist" on anything. Everything is based on the King James Version of the Bible; nothing is added, and nothing is removed. Independent Baptists seek to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Scriptures are not interpreted one way or the other. Instead they are taught clearly and accurately. We believe that the Bible is the word of God, not subject to interpretation.

We know that in some religions that the experience can be a bit "over the top". Not so in the Baptist Church.

The presentation of the sermons here at PBC are Bible-based, factual, clear, and inspiring. The experience is uplifting, never overwhelming.

What services are available? Which should I attend?

On Sunday we have two services, at 9 AM and 11 AM. Pick either one; they are the same sermon. The 9 AM service is a little less crowded, so maybe try for that one. The 9AM/11AM is a great sermon for everyone, especially those who are new to PBC.

Then there is the 6:30 PM service - a different sermon, generally targeted for those more committed to following the Christian lifestyle. A great sermon, but secondary to the main sermon at 9/11 AM.

Between the 9 AM and 11 AM services we have our Sunday School (multiple classes, actually. Pick your topic and go!)

And if you have children, we have services for them that parallel the adult services: 9 AM/11 AM church service (we call it Super Church!), plus Sunday School at 10:15 AM. So they can attend their service and Sunday School at the very same times you are attending yours!

On Wednesdays at 7:30 PM we have our Bible Study. It's conducted in the main auditorium by our Pastor, just like the Sunday services, but the presentation is teaching not preaching. It's an extremely educational and rewarding experience, and all adults are welcome to attend, of course.

Okay, so what's next?

Come visit us on Sunday morning, of course!

But if you're still feeling unsure, read through our home page and our page on Salvation.

And definitely read our reviews on Google!

If you have questions you can reach out to us by phone (you'll probably get voicemail, but we'll get back to you!),

by email, or even by Google messaging if you prefer.

Phone: (551) 800-2925


Google: Peoples Baptist Church   (if you are reading this from your mobile device)


Looking forward to meeting you!

God Bless!!

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