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Patch Club

Peewee Patch and Patch the Pirate Club


AHOY MATEES! Our Peewee and Patch the Pirate Club is a very exciting ministry for all children 4 years old- 6th grade. We meet every Wednesday night during the adult Bible study downstairs in the fellowship hall. It starts promptly at 7:30pm and ends around 8:30pm. Every Wednesday night, when we meet, there is a Bible lesson, singing time, story time, and game time. Everything is directed towards the kids and it is a fun time of fellowship and learning.

The Peewee Patch club is specifically for children 4 years old- 2nd grade.

The Patch Club is specifically for children in 3rd grade- 6th grade.

Each month there is a theme, daily devotions, and a memory verse that you can learn for a special prize from the treasure chest. The program normally runs during the school year starting in September and ending in June every year. We have a separate summer program in the summer. Please come join our ship as we sail to new adventures!

In Christ,

Your Peewee and Patch Captains

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