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Youth Department

The Youth Department has gone through several changes this year. The new and upcoming teens have been a blessing to the Youth Department, we are experiencing a new generation of teens to take the helm and do a great job for the Lord.

We at the Youth Department take our role in molding and directing the hearts and minds of our teens seriously. We have a desire to see the teens surrender to God and be next group to carry the torch in the future.

In 2017 we had many of our traditional activities and we are looking to make 2018 even better.

We look forward to the many changes the year 2018 will bring to our SWAT program. We will rotate every other week with the bus Soulwinning program.  I believe this will give the balance we need to motivate the teens to get back to the fundamentals of Christianity -Soulwinning door to door. We are also going to start up the Phase 1 again with better activities and conferences.

I also want to thank the Youth Department teachers and helpers for their consistency and faithfulness all these years, without their help this great work that we are tasked with would not be possible.


Bro. Angel Garcia

Youth Director