Peoples Baptist Church
51 Hepburn Road Clifton, N.J. 07012
(973) 777-2347

Video Ministry

Our current members in our video ministry are Anthony, Jonathan, Melanie, Monica, Rachel, Sylvia, Ariana (and Gerardo and Julio).  Every time there is an important event, these people will schedule, film, and edit the special event video we show to the church.

These events include the Quad State Sunday School Conference, VBS, Teen Rally, Couple’s Retreat, and Bus rally.

There is an abundance of behind the scenes work; for a simple 5 minute video, it takes about 8 to 12 hours of editing.   Re-watching the video, cutting clips, inserting transitions, editing is not simple.  All of our editors are still learning as they go, so it takes more time.

Therefore, to our hard workers who prepared and edited joyously for each event, I thank them here.

This coming year, our goal is to put Pastor’s sermons on YouTube and Facebook every week.  We have all the equipment we need, and if our tests in December finish well, we will start with the first week of January.  We believe that people will be able to listen to the Gospel and receive help from the good preaching through our videos ministry.