Peoples Baptist Church
51 Hepburn Road Clifton, N.J. 07012
(973) 777-2347


At the time of this report, the Spanish ministry will be ten years old! We have nothing but praises to our Lord for his rich blessings this year.

We have been working diligently to have at least six months of our annual budget in the bank. Though we know it might take long, we are solvent with our finances. This past year, we decided to start giving 10% of our budget to PBC instead of a fixed amount. We do not want to be burdensome, and with the Lord’s blessing, we desire to be more of a blessing to our beloved church.

This year, our Lord gave us our first 18-passenger van, and we have been running it from Belleville to Newark, and occasionally through Passaic. We are also thinking about beginning a couple of bus routes. We have started three new Sunday School classes: one for ladies, one for boys, and one for girls. The Lord gave us not only three new Sunday School teachers, but also three helpers who will eventually become teachers themselves.

This year, 11 believers were baptized, and even though some of our faithful members moved out of state, we have kept a steady attendance every Sunday.

Currently, we are supporting 22 missionaries, surpassing our initial goal of supporting 18, and we are ready to help three more this year. Several of our people are committed to missions faith promise.

We also started a finance program, through which some of our church members have become debt free! This program has been used in churches in other states, and will soon be used in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

We have had the privilege to have two men of the “old time religion” who will someday have their names in Baptist history books– Dr. Bob Gray Sr. and Dr. Tom Wallace– — preach at our services. What a blessing to witness these men’s preaching!

We request your prayers for the establishment of a local conference in New Jersey that will unite Spanish pastors in the quest of evangelizing our state.

We also request your prayers for our preparation of the Fishermen’s Club as well as a new training course for SS teachers and nursery workers.

I would like to publicly thank the deacons for their support, assistance, and patience this year, as they have been a tremendous blessing to our ministry. They have been especially helpful in the finance office, which we expect to be running normally after the closing of 2017. Our God has enabled us to help other ministries for several years now, including our youth department, several college students, and other independent ministries such as “La Espada,” and “Fuegos de Evangelismo” in addition to the missionaries we support.

We’d like to thank Pastor Michael Dinges for his support, patience, and prayers, we also want to thank once again our deacons, as well as the men who have stepped up to the plate to help and support our pastor.

Some day we will see the full fruit of our labor here in Clifton, New Jersey. Until then, may the Lord bless us working together at PBC!!!

Brother Byron Sagastume