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“Moreover, it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful” 1 Corinthians 4:2

While serving in the ministry this past year, I thought to myself countless times “we worked hard”.  Thinking back to the Christmas program last year, the Easter program in the spring, and the Christmas program coming up, the amount of effort was double the previous years.  Thankfully, our members put in that doubled effort, and the result was much better than expected.

I am most thankful for the passion each person had.  While preparing for the play, it felt like everyone wanted to participate.  Granted, I could not reach everyone in the church, but almost “everyone” within my grasp engaged with delight.

All the cast and choir and staff immersed themselves in preparation.  Thanks to the faithful members who were there for Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday practices, rehearsals went smoothly, which was encouraging for me as a director to see

My greatest thanks goes to these people who had the “let’s do it” motivation and desire to see it to the end.

Our choir is in need of more members, especially men.  We would love to see more volunteers at our choir practice every Sunday at 5PM.

One of the reasons I love our choir is that the majority of our choir members are soul winners or Sunday school teachers.  It is always a pleasure to hear a song from someone who is good at singing, but to hear a song from soul winners and Sunday school teachers communicates their message to my heart more strongly.  To my choir members who work hard in different ministries starting from the morning, and come to practice at 5 with “holy tiredness”, I wish to express my thanks.  In 2018, the music ministry needs more choir members.

Brother Henry Seo, Choir Director