Peoples Baptist Church
51 Hepburn Road Clifton, N.J. 07012
(973) 777-2347


2017 was a great year.  We have continued the 2:30/3:30 service, and are the largest, we have ever been.  More souls are saved at 3:30, than ever, and Saturday is INCREDIBLE.  EVERY week, soulwinning brings many souls.

May I FIRST start by saying to each of our bus workers THANK-YOU.  They are the hardest group of people I know.  They sacrifice long hours, ride a hot/cold/bumpy/loud bus each week.  GOD only knows how much they have changed, and reached lives for the LORD.

2017 added a lot of new growth.  Physically we have grown, but more importantly I see a lot of spiritual growth happening.  I look forward to2018.  We have a great core of captains, and as we near the RAPTURE, may the LORD find us serving together on a bus route.

Brother John Pankratz