Peoples Baptist Church
51 Hepburn Road Clifton, N.J. 07012
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This year was a big year for upgrading our property.

We completed the construction of our handicap lift and passed our final inspections. This lift will enable seniors and people with wheelchairs to have easier access to both floors.

Aluminum soffit was installed around the main church building. This was a big job that Bro.  Don Bruton oversaw for us. This ended our bird and carpenter bee problems permanently.

We are in the process of installing insulated windows on the second floor that match the first floor. This would complete the new exterior of our building.

Much work was done on the new Adult SS building. A PVC fence was installed and we planted bushes along the fence to reduce the noise to the neighborhood. We were able to fill in the in ground pool and level the backyard. We now use it for parking on Sunday mornings. The Adult SS Building is now officially an auxiliary building to our main church. Bro. Albert did a great job also refinishing the floors.

The parking lot was repaved and we restructured the parking to add additional spaces. We were purposely waiting on this job until after we filled in the in ground pool behind the adult SS building.

Brother Charlie Munoz installed a new furnace in the Youth Center since the old one had been leaking for some time. He also upgraded plumbing in the Adult SS Building.

In His service:

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