Peoples Baptist Church
51 Hepburn Road Clifton, N.J. 07012
(973) 777-2347


2017 was low in numbers yet productive in individual, personal spiritual growth.   I am not worried about the seemingly slow growth in attendance because our route is improving qualitatively every week, and is bound to begin flourishing quantitatively in 2018

We saw many saved in door to door soulwinning, and I aim to see ten times (at least!) as many saved, and also baptized and discipled in 2018. My intent is to keep records of door to door salvations, visitors to the route, and those that get baptized in 2018. My goal is to see seventy five souls saved in soulwinning, twelve baptized, and the van filled completely with riders by the end of the year.  It is only a matter of time and patient cultivation of the area we have been entrusted with.

In 2017, faithful Belleville rider Anthony has experienced a newfound zeal and appreciation for church and the things of God.   Ms. Juliet, a senior female rider and Belleville faithful, is learning doctrine and cherishes the relationships she has developed with the workers.  Two of our most faithful children riders have sadly recently moved to Hackettstown. They will be greatly missed. However, before their move & through this past year, they both got saved, experienced going soulwinning and were subject to learning Bible doctrines from the preaching and interactive teaching that takes place on the van.  They left our church knowing the person of Jesus Christ more intimately than when I met them, which was my goal.  Then, quite notably, our workers are growing in the Lord every week, learning diligence, faithfulness and charity. 1 Corinthians 13.

Right now we average three to five riders. My goal is to be faithful with the riders I have and minister to them with much charity.  I have unyielding faith that God is going to add many riders to the route in 2018.

My goal for Route Number Two is to fill the van, and eventually a bus.  I’d like our bus to be another setting in which to learn sound biblical doctrine (in addition to church), while developing solid and meaningful relationships with God, the other riders and the workers. My intention is to create an atmosphere where the riders associate church with joy, friendship, love for God and people, but also learn to approach the house of God with sincerity and gravity.  Don’t sleep on the Belleville route…Its best days are yet to come in 2018 and beyond!

Brother Peter James Lawless, captain of Belleville route #2