Peoples Baptist Church
51 Hepburn Road Clifton, N.J. 07012
(973) 777-2347

Our Pastor

Pastor Mike Dinges

Pastor Dinges has twenty five years of soul winning, Sunday School, and preaching experience. Bus ministry for ten years. Youth ministry experience for over fifteen years. Pastor for over fifteen years.

Pastor Dinges was born into middle-class working family in New York City. He grew up in a very stable & predictable home and was saved at age seven.

He started working at a very early age. He worked with his father who operated his own roofing business, where he was taught an aggressive work ethic, as well as the importance of waking up early.

After graduating from High school early, he worked in hardware stores and in the construction business. He then went to college for two years to become a mechanical engineer.

It was during this time in a public college that he began to see the tragic results of living without God and in sin. He started to develop a burden for those around him and began to go soulwinning door to door in the dormitories.

In 1988, at age 21, he married his sweetheart, whom he had been dating for three and one half years. They have two wonderful children, Hannah Kathleen and Jakob Keith.

Very soon, God began to call him into full-time ministry. After resisting that call for about three months, he finally surrendered to that call and went to Hyles-Anderson Baptist College where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. During this time he started and operated his own home improvement business. He also took a bus route from 6 to an average of 65 and a high day of 144, with ten students from that bus route attending Christian school during his time in college.

The hardest thing that he has ever done was to sell his house and move to New Jersey. There he took a group of ten people and started the Peoples Baptist Church. Over the last eleven years, they have met in homes, on driveways, rented a basement, and other buildings to meet in.

The church is now on the northeast corner of Route 3 and the Garden State parkway. They have a beautiful brick building and parking lot and are completely debt free. The church is known as the friendliest church in the world and has people that certainly earn that reputation every Sunday. The church ministries are growing and new ones are started consistently.