The Bible commands us to sing and praise the Lord through song.

God has given us our very own Songbook, the Book of Psalms.


Bro. and Mrs. Seo do a wonderful job in our music ministry. Bro. Seo leads our choir, while Mrs. Seo, who is a concert pianist, plays the piano. We encourage everyone who is a member of our church to join the music ministry by singing specials once a month, or joining our choir. We are always looking for new members!

51 Hepburn Rd

Clifton, New Jersey 07012

United States

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Weekly Schedule


Morning service: 9 AM, 11 AM

Adult Sunday School: 10:15 AM

Evening service:  6:30 PM

Ladies' Prayer Meeting: 1:15 PM


Men's Prayer Meeting:  5:30 PM

Ladies' Prayer Meeting: 6:30 PM

Service/Bible Study:     7:30 PM

Men's Prayer Meeting:  8:30 PM

Ladies' Prayer Meeting: 8:30 PM


RU Ministry: 7:00 PM


Soulwinning: 10:00 AM

Ladies' Prayer Meeting: 1:00 PM

Phone: (551) 800-2925


Schedule is currently modified due to covid -19

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