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Bus Ministry

Welcome to Our Bus Ministry!

Each route is designed to pick up people who want to know GOD, and develop a relationship with HIM.  When you ride our buses in covid 2020,  you will be greeted by a bus worker with a mask, and you too are required to wear one.  Your temperature is taken before you board, and recorded.  Each bus has been cleaned since last use, and sanitized.  We will sing, with the masks on, hear the BIBLE taught, play games that we can stay seated while we enjoy, sit in socially distanced rows by family, and come to church..  ALL who go into our buildings, will again have a temperature check, and YOU MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES.  The BIBLE IS TAUGHT.  Salvation will be explained. You will be taught things that will help you grow as a Christian.  We will sing, be social distanced, and I believe after riding once, you will want to ride weekly.  We have SUNDAY SCHOOL by age, and have the greatest PASTOR  who  will love you.  Remember GOD  loves you, and we hope you will see the LOVE of JESUS while here.

Bus Routes

We currently have five bus routes. We pick up children, teens, and adults every Sunday for our afternoon service.


The bus ride to and from church is unforgettable. We sing Scripture songs, learn new memory verses, listen to preaching, and play fun games!


We pick up in the following locations:

  • Bronx, NY

  • Hackensack, NJ

  • Newark, NJ

  • Bloomfield, NJ

  • Clifton/ Passaic, NJ

Here are the specifics for our routes. Please feel free to contact the Bus Captain for your route.

Bus route 1: Bloomfield/Orange  Bro Rey Sanchez          973.330.2800

Bus route 2: Hackensack               Bro John Pankratz      201.341.0967

Bus route 3: Newark                       Bro Charlie Munoz      973.454.8768

Bus route 4: Bronx                          Bro John Pankratz      201.341.0967

Bus route 5: Clifton/Passaic.        Bro Abraham Guerra  862.520.8918


Our Bus Director is Bro. John Pankratz.

About Our Captains

Route 1

Bro Rey has been the captain of the Bloomfield/Orange route for 6 years. Before that he was a faithful driver for 3 years for the Bronx route. Bro Rey is married, has three children, and teaches the 5th/6th grade Sunday School class.

Route 2

Bro John has been the captain of the Hackensack route for 2 years. He is also the captain of the Bronx route which he started 17 years ago. Bro John also preaches the 6:30 Sunday Evening Service for the Pastor, and teaches the 11th/12th grade boys' Sunday School class. Bro John is married and has four college age children.

Route 3

Bro Charlie has been the captain of the Newark route for 22 years. He is also the Patch Pirate for our Wednesday night Peewee Patch Club. Bro Charlie is married and has two children.

Route 4

Bro John is the captain for the Bronx route. See route 2 above.

Route 5

Bro Abraham has been the captain of the Clifton/Passaic route for 4 years. He also teaches the 9th/10th grade boys' Sunday School class. Bro Abraham is married and has three children.

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