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DECEMBER 31, 2017



“Be diligent to know the state of thy flocks and look well to thy herds” Proverbs 27:23

Dear Member of Peoples Baptist:

When we look back at the end of every year, we see that the Lord has blessed us, taken care of us and enabled us to make some progress for His kingdom.

Our Usher’s Conference had the theme of: “What’s the Greatest Ability?” Brother Paul, Brother Abraham, Brother Johnny, Brother John, Brother Rene, and Brother Ben all helped the men to organize their schedules to be as available as possible. We live in a busy world and availability is vital.

Brother Abb Thomas came to our church to help us with our Sunday School Teacher Training. He came with a huge amount of material and it was a great opportunity to learn from this man who has invested his whole life in training teachers.

The goal of our spring program this year was to increase our Soulwinning. We divided up into 2 teams (the Kings and Priests). Many people stretched themselves beyond their comfort zone and many went soul winning for the first time. Brother Nieves led the priests to the victory and as a result were served steak and lobster the Sunday that the program ended.

Our VBS theme this year was “The Cave of Adullam”. We tried to teach the children how to properly and wisely handle discouraging times in their lives. Everyone will face times as David did. This is usually before a time of the greatest blessing. Each class was also able to go through the cave and experience an underground waterfall and rope bridge. We always try to make VBS on the children’s level and encourage them where they are.

This year we also had junior camp and youth camp. Camp Aura is a great place. Many of our young people will look back to this summer with fond memories. There were some children who were saved that week and many other good decisions were made.

Our Quad State Sunday School Conference went well again this year. More and more churches are attending and helping.  Brother Ray Young spoke on the subject of “Doing the First Works”. We had a very good attendance and I have heard many tell me how helpful this conference was and how encouraging it was to see all the churches working together.

We had a nice couples’ retreat at Hershey, PA.  Several new couples attended and it was great to get to know them better.

Our Bus Rally also went well. The sacrifice and consistency of our bus captains and bus workers is exemplary. Brother Pankratz is doing a great work. Join him as you can!

We want to continue to have a soul-winning church, a singing church, a praying church, and a giving church. This year we saw many people make professions of faith through our Sunday School, Bus ministry and other outreaches and over 40 people make it public through baptism.


In His service:

Mike Dinges